Duties of an Executor of an Estate and How a Professional Organizer Can Help

When you are called to be the executor of the estate of a loved one, there are many tasks at hand. Tracking down papers, calling all the creditors, caring for your family and your own grieving can all become overwhelming. Do not worry, we are here to offer some advice and show you how a  […]

3 Reasons Every Homeowner Should Have a LifeBook

  It is vital to be able to access your household’s important documents, especially if you are a homeowner. After all, why spend time tirelessly looking for documents that it would be so easy to organize into a LifeBook? I share with you the three most important reasons I feel every household and homeowner should […]

4 Professionals That Every Estate Lawyer Should Have as a Strategic Partner

When researching to hire an estate lawyer, it is a good idea to research their strategic partners as well. Sometimes you may find this information on their website. Or, you may have to call and ask who else they work with that can provide additional help to you. Not sure who your estate lawyer should […]

How a Lifebook Helps with the Paperwork Puzzle

  Sometimes it’s tough to put all the pieces of life’s puzzles together. I personally struggled with this when my dad’s health was declining so I often pondered about a solution that I could create to help others who are now in the shoes I once was in. As a result, I introduced the My […]