It is vital to be able to access your household’s important documents, especially if you are a homeowner. After all, why spend time tirelessly looking for documents that it would be so easy to organize into a LifeBook? I share with you the three most important reasons I feel every household and homeowner should have a LifeBook.

  1. It’s easier on your loved ones.

It makes life easier for you, and your family when all your information is in one place.  If there is a life change, help make the transition easier on those you love by having everything together. Give them the gift of having all your affairs in order and easily accessible to them. In the case of illness, as the homeowner, you’ll be able to recover more quickly by not having the added stress of not having important documentation needed to handle your estate or make changes.

  1. You can save time and money when meeting with your Estate Attorney and Financial Advisor

Meeting with your estate attorney or financial advisor can be stressful. These meetings can often be uncomfortable and the subject matter awkward. At some point, they are going to ask you hard questions and need just about every financial and homeowner document. Make that part easier on yourself and them. Having everything together, organized and ready for your meeting will alleviate a lot of their time to sort through things to determine what is missing. So when they ask, you will be prepared. You won’t have to come back for additional appointments which will save you a lot of money.

  1. Evacuations become less chaotic

Trying to find important papers amid a natural disaster can be downright frustrating. FEMA recommends that you take the time now to get all your papers together before a disaster happens. Should you need to evacuate, there would be no need to box up all your documents from the filing cabinet. All your information will be in the LifeBook. If by some chance there is no time to get the book, there is a convenient flash drive that you could easily grab quickly. Should you need to provide information or documentation as the homeowner, you are sure to have everything you need documented in the LifeBook.
Save yourself and your family the headache of going on a paperwork scavenger hunt. Having everything you need in one convenient and easily accessible place will help keep things simple when going over things with your estate administrator or personal representative. You’ll also find the LifeBook is an invaluable resource in case of an emergency.
Whether you or your family are faced with an immediate need to reference what you already possess, your LifeBook will remain one of the most important investments you have ever made. Keep things easy for you and those you love by having a LifeBook on hand. Contact My Confidant today to order yours.

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