When you are called to be the executor of the estate of a loved one, there are many tasks at hand. Tracking down papers, calling all the creditors, caring for your family and your own grieving can all become overwhelming. Do not worry, we are here to offer some advice and show you how a  professional organizer/daily money manager can help to alleviate some of the stress and ease your workload a bit.

Gather documents such as:

Gathering documents is not always an easy task. If your loved one did not keep an organized filing system, it could be quite frustrating. A professional organizer can help gather and prepare the necessary documents to settle the estate.

  1. Will or Trust documents – The original will be required when settling an estate.
  2. Birth and marriage certificates – You may need a copy of birth or marriage certificates to prove relationship when applying for or claiming certain benefits.
  3. DD214 or military discharge papers – depending on your loved one’s service record, there could be assets available from the military. It is also possible to arrange for military honors during the funeral. You will need a copy of the DD215 for this.
  4. Death Certificate – Multiple, original death certificates are needed when settling someone’s final affairs. It is recommended that at least 10 copies be ordered, according to TheBalance.com

Identify assets and necessary documents

Again, if your loved one did not keep their paperwork organized, you could have quite a puzzle in front of you.  All financials will need to be accounted for and a daily money manager/professional organizer will know just what you need to have on hand.  For example, the following statements will need to be on hand, some you will need several months’ worth.

  1. Bank statements
  2. Investment statements
  3. Stocks and bonds
  4. Annuities

Pay Bills

You will continue to pay the bills until the estate is settled. This is a duty of the executor or personal representative and can be a bit of a challenge. It is important to remember not all bills come in the mail. In the days of technology, we are living in, many bills can come via email or even be set up for automatic withdrawal.  Most likely, all automatic drafts should be terminated, and paper bills requested until the estate is settled.  These things a professional organizer/daily money manager can be tasked with.

Organize and file papers

It can be frustrating albeit necessary task to carefully look through piles of paperwork. This could be especially daunting while you are processing the loss of a loved one.  A professional organizer is trained to look for hidden clues that could direct you to unknown assets. When settling an estate it is imperative to get all the assets to account for so they can be closed out properly.
As a personal representative, you may want to hire an organizer and/or daily money manager to pay bills and to gather the needed paperwork. This will allow you to grieve and properly care for your family and yourself. My Confidant is here to help lessen the burden put on you during an already emotionally difficult time.

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