Sometimes it’s tough to put all the pieces of life’s puzzles together. I personally struggled with this when my dad’s health was declining so I often pondered about a solution that I could create to help others who are now in the shoes I once was in. As a result, I introduced the My Confidant LifeBook. In short, the LifeBook is the solution to your very own paperwork puzzle or the puzzle of a loved one.

What exactly is a paperwork puzzle?

When my father died, Mom needed help with filling out the seemingly endless pile of forms, contacting those who needed to be contacted, locating the life insurance policy and filing the benefit claims.
I also discovered she needed help simply learning how to take care of the household finances which my father had always handled for both of them. That meant finding out what each company was billing. Some companies automatically withdraw payments, others send bills via email and others still send paper bills in the mail. Piecing all of these things together created a paperwork puzzle that needed to be solved.

How the LifeBook helps with the paperwork puzzle

The LifeBook is a custom-created, highly organized, a compilation of your personal and private information. This includes insurance policies, bank accounts, credit cards and other “need to know” information. The Lifebook helps keep track of online login details, too. Having everything together creates a paperwork control center creating less stress and anxiety. tells us that an astonishingly low number of Americans have a Will, at just 35-45%. Thinking about your loved ones prior to a tragedy and getting all your affairs in order with a will, will make a difficult time much easier on them but it’s not enough. The LifeBook can help eliminate the frustrating task of trying to figure out things like passwords and bills that are not included in a Will.. It also gives you the additional opportunity to discuss your wishes and intentions with your loved ones so there will be less likelihood of argument when carrying out your wishes.
Another benefit to having a LifeBook assembled is that you have everything at your fingertips in the event information needs to be updated. For example, if you purchase a long-term care policy. Once purchased, you can simply update the LifeBook to reflect this new policy. Your loved ones will know where to find this information should you need to access the policy benefits.

Prevent another puzzle

Benjamin Franklin said,  “A place for everything and everything in its place”.  Leaving us with the notion that everything should have a place to be stored. And, that it should be tidily returned there when it is not in use. It sounds great in theory, but how do we make that happen in our life? Fast Company gives us a good picture of how to create the habits that will lead us an organized life of paperwork. When you have a good system down, it not only prevents another puzzle from occurring but it creates less chaos. This allows you to live day-to-day with less stress brought on by your environment.
Speaking of stress, sometimes the thought of creating a system or even gathering the needed information for a LifeBook can seem overwhelming and extremely stressful. If you allow me to create a custom book for you, I will declutter your paperwork to ease that stress. I help by setting up a clear filing system and making it easy for you to keep everything up-to-date. Getting your book custom made by me ensures the project gets completed and is tailored to your specific needs. As a trained professional, I will make sure everything needed is included in your LifeBook. Nobody will need to go on a scavenger hunt for your important documents. So, take the weight off your own shoulders and relax, I will take care of everything.
With a Lifebook, you will not worry that your loved ones will be piecing together the puzzle of your paperwork. To order your LifeBook today, please contact My Confidant.

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