You may wonder why you need a clear filing system for organizing your paperwork. It is just paper after all, right? Well, filing is a way to keep documents in a safe place so that you can find them easily and quickly in the future. If documents are cared for properly, they will not tear, get lost or dirty. A clear filing system will help you to be organized and efficient and helps all people who should be able to access your information to do so with ease.

It’s a place for everything

For a virtually “paperless” society, our mailboxes are stuffed! Important papers arrive daily, like investment statements, insurance policies and medical documents to name a few. All this paper needs a home and piled on the dining room table or buried in a drawer is not the answer. Other important documents like your Will or Power of Attorney need a proper place to be as well. When trying to retrieve documents quickly, shuffling through piles and stacks of papers can be very stressful, frustrating and time-consuming. A clear filing system will eliminate that stress for everyone.

It helps in case of emergency

What happens in the event of an emergency? Can your family access the documents needed to keep your bills paid and if needed, make sure your last wishes are carried out? An emergency is not the time to realize you should have been organizing paperwork all these years. Remember, everyone in the family needs to understand the system in the event the original organizer is not around. One way to help your family in a time of crisis would be to put together a Lifebook. In my blog “How a Lifebook Helps with the Paperwork Puzzle” I go into greater detail about the importance of having everything in place for your family in case of an illness or death.

Keeping things tidy

How often do you have to move the pile of mail on your kitchen table when you have guests for dinner? Or perhaps your home office has piles of papers stacked up on the floor in a maze that stares up at you each time you enter the room? According to NIH, more than one in three people age 65 years or older fall each year and safety hazards in the home is one of the leading causes. Keep your home free of paper clutter by organizing paperwork with a clear filing system. Not only does it free your mind of the clutter you see, but it also clears your physical space. This makes it safer to maneuver around your house.
I realize that filing is not an exciting task for everyone. However, it is necessary and a more important task than most think. So if you find filing documents to be mundane and rather dull but understand its importance, I would welcome the opportunity to discuss how My Confidant can help you navigate the paperwork puzzle.

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