A daily money manager manages the day-to-day financial needs of their clients. They can do a wide variety of services, such as balancing checkbooks, pay bills, gather tax documents, help form a plan to reduce or eliminate debt, and much more. Just as the services offered are varied, so are the clients a daily money manager can help. Below I discuss some of the more common life events that bring me together with many of my clients. You don’t have to have a large portfolio to benefit from using a daily money manager. As a matter of fact, the majority of those I work with are financially average households that simply need some assistance with daily tasks. Read on to learn more about what can warrant a daily money manager.

The Busy Professional

I know the struggles of a busy professional. Trying to balance home and work life can seem impossible. That’s why having a daily money manager to keep track of statements and spending can keep your financial situation straight and free of errors.

The Small In-home Business Owner

Getting your small business up and running is time-consuming, especially when you pair that with spending time with your family. A daily money manager assists with personal finances, as well as, company finances. Give yourself the peace of mind knowing that both are being well cared for by a professional.


Many households find themselves in debt and don’t have a clear picture of how to get relief from that debt. A daily money manager could be just the answer they need.  Fox News shares some wonderful insights on how a daily money manager can help you not only keep your debt in check but delete it all together.


It’s not uncommon to learn when a spouse passes away that they took care of everything money wise. Leaving the remaining spouse in the dark about how to manage the household budget and get back on track.


It’s no secret that when illness hits a household, everything else falls by the wayside. Calling in some reinforcements to help with things like paying the bills can give you the time to care for your ailing loved one or even take some much-needed time for yourself.

Memory Loss

When there are issues with memory, you could face some real financial problems. Bills could be left unpaid, or paid multiple times creating a deficit in the checkbook. Having someone doing the bill paying, and checkbook balancing can help keep things on track.

Mental Health Issues

Issues such as depression or anxiety can make it seem impossible to keep up with daily tasks. When dealing with these issues, finances and organization can get neglected, leaving plenty of room for error. A daily money manager can keep things on track while the family can get the help they need.
Whether for you or a loved one, a daily money manager can offer peace of mind knowing that the monthly bills are being paid on time and the budget is kept intact. If you are looking to hire a daily money manager for your parents, I recommend you read my earlier blog for some helpful tips to consider. To schedule an appointment or to discuss your family’s personal needs for a daily money manager, please contact me today.

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