As our parents age, we want to lessen the physical demands on them, whether it be reducing stair climbs or clearing cumbersome pieces of furniture that create a fall hazard. Let’s not allow the need to reduce physical stressors exceed the need to reduce their mental stressors as well. How do you know it’s time to bring in a professional organizer to help clear the way for your parents and cut down on the clutter that has accumulated and causes so much stress?  Below, I list the top four signs that let you know the time has come to bring in a professional.

Lost items

Paying bills is difficult when you can’t find the checkbook or the most current bills to pay. Failing to pay bills on time results in late fees and potentially paying for things that you already own, but can’t find. If other items are continuously going missing, too, it’s a clear sign that it is time to bring in some help.

Piles of papers

Are piles of paperwork and unopened mail making it impossible to enjoy a meal at the kitchen table? When there are stacks of papers lying around, it makes finding the papers you need to work with more difficult and adds frustration to the mix.  


Going through paperwork or stacks of old newspapers can be like taking a walk down memory lane, making it difficult to part with anything. Then before you know it, there are piles everywhere, which are not only unsightly but cause a fall hazard. Stacks of unopened mail or piles of papers strewn about can create unnecessary clutter and show that your parents may be losing the paperwork battle and would benefit from some additional help.


You may have noticed that your parents are not paying bills on time or maybe they forget to check and open their mail daily. Perhaps they are experiencing some confusion with their once routine tasks which is cause for concern. Forbes talks about dealing with the “grey-zone” when your parent may be in that in-between area of being completely self-sufficient and needing some outside help.
If these signs sound familiar and you find that your parents are experiencing one or more of them, it may be time to seek assistance in getting them organized. Your parents will benefit from well-organized surroundings, and you will receive peace of mind knowing that they are being helped.  If you are ready to learn more about my process, please contact me today and let’s discuss your specific circumstances. If your parents aren’t quite ready to hire a professional, they can benefit from our blog about the importance of a clear filing system.

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