Disorganization can cause all sorts of issues during your workday.  Imagine the amount of time lost looking for items. A cluttered space creates a cluttered mind and causes mental unclarity, leaving you to deal with mental fog and slower work times. Did you know that a cluttered and dusty work environment can even cause illness? The benefits of staying organized are virtually endless, according to Monster. Most importantly, having an organized office space will reduce your stress levels. In my previous blog, 15 Organizing Solutions for Your Business, I go into greater detail about what documentation you need to file away and how long you should keep it on hand. Here, I offer my recommendations for some “must have” office organization items.

1. A desk 

It is preferable that you obtain a desk with drawers to put supplies in.  That supply list can be long, so be sure to have ample space as it is important to keep the top of your desk clean for current projects. Too much clutter will clutter the mind, and therefore, hinder your work performance. Need some recommendations on the best desk for your space?  Here’s what Business Insider has to say.

2. 2-tiered tray 

A tray to sit on top of your desk will work perfectly to keep important papers that need more immediate attention. Perhaps client files that you are currently working on, contracts that need signing, outgoing mail etc. Using a 2-tiered tray will allow you to separate those papers into smaller categories, such as, incoming and outgoing and reduce the chances that something important will get lost or thrown away.

3. A sturdy file cabinet

This will give all your important documents a “home.” When those papers come in, and you say, “I know I need to keep this, but where should I put it so that I can find it at a moment’s notice?”, this filing cabinet will be home to your clear and concise filing system.

4. A label maker

You will need this to mark your files so that they are easy to find, and everyone can read them. No guessing what the chicken scratch says. Label it, so you and others will understand what’s in the file.

5. A place for everything

Depending on the size of your business and the number of things you need to keep on hand, your space size may vary. You may need to designate a closet, a small bookshelf or just a desk drawer. Whatever the need, everything should be in one place. It is important that you don’t keep more than you need. Donate any excess to a school or non-profit.
I realize that getting and staying organized may not come naturally for everyone and that’s alright. That is one of the reasons My Confidant was established – to help those in need. If you need assistance getting your office space organized and creating a clear and concise filing system, I am at your service. Please contact me today to discuss your business’ needs.

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