Not sure how to tell when it is time to organize your life organized?  Well, do you dream of the days when you find all of your paid bill receipts and there are no phone calls that a bill is past due? Or how about the day where you have some downtime because you’re not searching for this bill and that receipt? If you long for times like these when it’s time to pay bills every month, then it’s probably time to get organized. Read on to learn more about 4 signs that it is time to say, “Organize my life, please!”

Your finances suffer

It’s tax time, and you must file an extension…again! You can’t find all the paperwork to give to the accountant, and you have missed the deadline. You have promised yourself for the last several years that you would be better about keeping good records, to no avail.

Your credit suffers

You keep paying late fees because you forget to pay the bill and when you remember, you can’t find it. Every late payment affects your credit score according to Credit Karma. Having a history of late payments can affect your credit for months or even years.

Your mental health suffers

You’ve been in a car accident, and your car’s totaled. To add to your stress now, you can’t find the original title to the car. You thought that it was in the desk drawer, but now that drawer is stuffed with coupons, the kid’s school papers and who knows what else. Where could that title be?

Your family suffers

You’re having a hard time cooking a meal for your family because the counter is cluttered with papers. The papers keep coming, and you never know what to do with them. You are weeks behind in going through the mail, and the piles keep growing higher.

Your options

If you can relate to any, or all, of these scenarios, then you probably want to know what you should do next. You have options, but they may not be viable for you and your circumstances. After all, you have promised yourself each year that you will do better and here you are, again.  You can continue to tell yourself that you’ll get around to it and it isn’t that bad, or you could put a band-aid on it by clearing everything from sight. Just beware, when the band-aid comes off, there will be one heck of a mess left behind.
If you don’t want a temporary fix and you are finally ready to get a firm grip on all the disorganization that surrounds you, please look at my list of services and see how I can help. I can start by helping you create a clear and concise filing system and then organizing your papers into those files, clearing up your clutter and getting all your affairs in order. Think of all the money you can save by getting everything in order, no more late fees and no more doctor bills for stress-related issues.

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