Keeping Senior Independence with a Daily Money Manager

Sadly enough, we’ve all heard a story about someone’s elderly parent who was the victim of a financial scam. Whether they were taken for thousands of dollars that they’ll never get back or their credit card was fraudulently charged, the situation is very unfortunate. Because of the frequency of these misfortunes, it can be difficult […]

Can My Small Business Benefit from a Professional Bookkeeper?

  In any business, it’s important for you to monitor your cash-flow so that you can avoid any misuse of funds. Some business owners decide to manage their own books, while others prefer to hire a professional bookkeeper to do it for them. Although there’s nothing wrong with doing the business accounting all by yourself, […]

Quickbooks vs Quicken: What's the Difference?

It’s easy to confuse Quickbooks and Quicken if you are unfamiliar with them. It also doesn’t help that their names are almost identical – one can easily assume that since they both start with ‘Quick…’, the two terms talk about the same thing. Without more fuss, let’s talk more about the differences between these two […]