Everyone has at least one person on their shopping list that is impossible to shop for, and still, others that are just difficult to buy for in general. Sometimes, these people happen to be mom and dad. Shopping for them may seem hopeless, but today I will help you put together that tricky gift-giving puzzle and get something that they will not only find helpful but is completely necessary wherever they are in life. Let’s talk about the LifeBook and how it is a benefit to people of all ages and stages of life.

What is a LifeBook?

The My Confidant LifeBook is a custom-created, highly organized compilation of all your personal and private need-to-know information. From insurance policies to bank accounts to credit cards and online password and login details, the LifeBook is the solution to the paperwork puzzle. With ten sections, the LifeBook is a comprehensive look at everything loved ones will need to know in the event of a tragedy and is now available with a digital copy on a flash drive.

Who needs a LifeBook?

To put it simply, everyone! Many people I have talked to have said that they understand the importance of having their information in one spot, but they just don’t know how to get started. Or perhaps they started a list years ago but never updated it to reflect their current information. Because the LifeBook comes with a digital option, as well as, a notebook, it’s good for all ages, tech-savvy or not.
If your parents have asked that you be their Power of Attorney, this would be a great resource for you. During stressful times, the last thing you and your family needs is a scavenger hunt for important papers and contacts. That’s why every family can benefit from having a LifeBook.  

How to get a LifeBook?

I can create a custom book for your parents. This way I can also help declutter paperwork, set up a clear filing system and make it easy for them to update. With my assistance, they are guaranteed to have a completed LifeBook for their records.

Or, if they are a self-starter, order the kit and they can go at their own pace. When you order the kit, they’ll receive a USB flash drive with over 25 fillable PDF forms. They will also receive a 3-ring binder complete with dividers, instructions for assembling the book and creating a clear filing system. The LifeBook is easily updated when something in their life changes. They can simply put the flash drive back into the computer, make the necessary changes and print out a new copy to insert into their book.

Whether or not your parents are faced with an immediate need to reference what they already possess, the LifeBook will remain one of the most important investments you have ever made. As with any good book, they can write their very own story one page at a time. Don’t let a birthday or holiday go by without sharing the gift of the LifeBook with your family!

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