A very effective way to involve and educate the members of your community is by giving a presentation that is of interest to them. A good community presentation should consist of a live group setting where people have the opportunity to interact with one another and the presenter. The presentations I offer are centered around the need of the community at large and the real day to day struggles that your residents have with things like budgeting, downsizing or winning the paperwork battle. Read on to see why my presentations are not only an excellent way to involve the members of your community but an asset to their daily well-being as well.


We all know that knowledge is power and sadly, most people just don’t know what to do with the papers that come into their home every day. Add the fear of throwing away something that may be needed later and the piles just start creeping up everywhere. This can cause a safety hazard and an eyesore in general.
Most people aren’t sure of what files they need to keep and how long they should keep them. For example, the IRS tells us that we need to save our tax returns for three years.  In my presentation “Winning the Paperwork Battle” I talk about how to conquer the mountains of papers that invade our homes and how to create an easy-to-use system to access these important documents.

Learn to create a system

In today’s world, we are inundated with important paperwork that needs a place “to live”. By learning to create and set up a very clear filing system, you and your family will spend less time searching for those critical documents. My easy system is based on categories focused on what’s important in your everyday life. We learn how to make it for everyone in the family so that it is easily understood by all. Additionally, the heirs will be able to find important information about their loved one when it is needed immediately.  

Learn about the family resource book

Learn about the importance of a family resource book, which is essentially a road map of what is going on with the family. Many times there is one person in the family who takes care of the paperwork, paying bills, keeping up with insurances and investments, etc. This book will eliminate the scavenger hunt for your family in a time of crisis, which is something most people have never thought about doing.
I have found that this presentation, as well as my others, are very beneficial to senior communities and their families. The feedback from the presentations has been that the participants now have a good blueprint of how to eliminate the many piles throughout their home. This helps to eliminate stress and anxiety, which help makes everything run more smoothly.

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