We all have that friend who just always seems to have her life together. She has a clean house, is punctual, can juggle many activities, and seems to still have time to spare. So what are her secrets and why can’t you seem to have the same success? Organization is created out of a series of habits people commit to. Many unorganized people can’t seem to maintain a good routine to keep themselves afloat. Ignoring these routines can lead to serious traps and pitfalls in your journey to becoming more productive. Here are some of the many reasons you could be struggling to stay organized:

1. Not having the proper tools

If you decide to cut down a tree in your yard and only have a small knife- the job will be nearly impossible. Not to mention very difficult and frustrating. The same thing goes for organizing, not having the right tools will sabotage your good intentions. Organized people have a knack for finding tools that will help them get the most out of their time. Sometimes those are physical organizational tools such as filing cabinets, agendas, or baskets. Some people will complain that a filing cabinet is ugly or too big for their office. A filing cabinet is a basic must-have. There are many great options out there to fit your space, in all types of styles and sizes. Other times there are bits of technology that can track time or give you reminders. Productivity apps, for example, help you break down work-related tasks into chunks of time and remind you to take short non-work related breaks in between.

2. Making things too complicated

Most highly organized people are successful because they keep things simple. Simple solutions lead to better outcomes. Often if things become too complex, they are not realistic for long term use. For example having an “inbox” (baskets or bowls) to hold mail, receipts, bills, and other papers until you’re ready to deal with them is a simple solution. This also ensures that things will not get lost in other parts of the house. Another simple answer is to add a hook by the door for coats and keys.

“You may delay, but time will not.”

― Benjamin Franklin

3. Procrastination 

Sometimes we put off challenging tasks by filling our day with smaller, less important activities. Waiting till the last minute to get everything done can become very stressful. Successful organizers get things done as soon as they can to alleviate the demands procrastination causes. Often procrastination also creates sloppy, less productive work. So get off Facebook, and get your work done pronto!


4. Not doing upkeep 

An important factor in maintaining an organized lifestyle is taking a few moments each day to put things back and de-clutter your spaces. Every little bit counts and makes the bigger job of cleaning your space easier. Some things you can do at the end your day are archive emails, throw away junk, file papers, and straighten up your desk.

5. You have too much stuff 

Going through all of your belongings regularly and throwing away things you don’t need or use often is a sign of an organized person. You don’t need to be a minimalist to thrive, but having too many things clutters your life and makes keeping order much more difficult. The fewer things you have, the more you will enjoy them. Instead of becoming a packrat, just get rid of some things. It’s hard to find a proper place for items that are mostly just collecting dust around your home.

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