Organizing your office doesn’t have to be one big massive assault. In fact, taking your time to do it correctly the first time will help you in the long run. The trick is to maintain good organizational habits throughout the year. The temptation to procrastinate tidying up your office space will be strong. With these helpful hints, you can overcome clutter and better support the way you work.

Gather and isolate items

First thing is to gather up all your stuff and put it into “zones” throughout your office. One zone can be for the main workspace (your desk and computer), another can be a supply drawer (pencil holders, notebooks, post-its). The third zone can be for production (printer, scanner, papers, cutting boards), and so on. Once you put those items in their designated place, keep them there. As soon as you’re done using an item, place it back where it belongs.

Revise your filing system

Update your filing system to make it work better for your personal needs. The whole purpose of a filling system is to keep your papers organized and easy to retrieve. As part of your first task, also look for the paper throughout your office and your home. Look for documents in less obvious places as well, such as your kitchen or living room. I have often noticed people leaving important mail by the door, instead of filing it right away. Once you have all your papers together, think about the main categories that you can sort them into. What would your business (or personal) needs benefit the most from? Sort them into broad categories first such as; Financing, Identification, Archives, Health, Contracts. Next, pick one of your broad categories, then break it further down into subcategories. For example, Financing could include 2018 receipts, 2010-2018 tax returns, and business insurance. Make sure the names have enough detail to not get confused with another. Try to be more specific with your subcategories.

Create productivity routines

One of the biggest factors to maintaining a successful and tidy office is the effectiveness of your productivity. Create routines and to-do lists to keep yourself from procrastinating. After you finish working, take a few minutes every day to put everything in its place. Straightening up your work area daily will make a huge difference. To keep everything simple and orderly, be sure to declutter and re-collate your new filing systems every couple of weeks.

Ask for help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you just simply don’t have time to do the organizing yourself. Hiring a professional organizer can change your whole routine and give you more time to run your business. They can not only redesign your office space but also give you personalized advice on ways to keep it neat. They are also up to date on the latest technology trends to improve your real-life and digital organization habits.

Do your least favorite thing first

There’s always one organizational task everyone hates to do, and others that you really don’t mind doing all that much. The least favorite always takes the most self-discipline and concentration to complete. Doing the task that you dislike the most will get it out of the way and allow you to finish the others without lingering dread. You can be stress-free and better enjoy your time.

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