Some people are fortunate enough to be able to afford a large home with plenty of extra rooms to accommodate their needs. For most of us though, our space is limited and flex rooms are a must! Multi-purpose rooms are nice because they give you the flexibility to change your abode as new needs (ie. kids, employment) or hobbies arise. Adding an all-purpose living space can even increase the value of your home. Sometimes these rooms can be overwhelming and tricky to organize since they have multiple uses, they also have twice as much “stuff”. How can we help keep all these spaces organized so that one doesn’t get lost in the other? We’ll give you some tips on how to bring your array of multi-purpose paraphernalia together into an organized, harmonious composition. 


There are so many different ways you can organize an office combination in your home. First, try to find an area that would be quiet enough that you’ll be able to get your work done. Perhaps the guest room, laundry room, or a bedroom? One of the easiest spaces to turn into an office is a closet! An enclosed space is less distracting while you’re working and it could be a really beautiful addition to the room. Really taking advantage of all the available space is the trick to creating a functional office space. The walls can hold baskets and shelves, chalkboards and lighting. If your closet has doors you have even more space to add organizers and office supplies! Check out this cute closet remodel. They even added flower wallpaper to make it a more whimsical and creative place to work. 

Another non-traditional space that you can check out for an office is under the stairs. It’s an often overlooked, nice little nook that can be turned into a functional office space.


Everyone has a hobby and what better way to enjoy your projects than to set up your own little space to sew, craft, or draw until your heart’s content. Depending on your hobby, you may need more or less space for this multi-purpose room. The trick is lots of shelves and storage areas to keep all of your stuff neatly packed away when you aren’t using it. These storage spaces allow you to have easy access to any of the accessories you might need for your activity. In the photo below they have combined a laundry room and a craft area into one beautiful, organized space. 

In this example, you see how simple shelves can store your canvases out of the way and still leave plenty of room in the space. Couple this with a wall-mounted easel system and a rolling table and you have a very functional art studio that will fit in most rooms. 


Many of the same techniques as the hobby multi-purpose rooms can be applied to a playroom combination. Lots of storage to attractively hide your children’s’ toys and gadgets is ideal. A murphy bed also allows for lots of space for everyday activities with the kids and an easy way to instantly turn it into a guest room when you have visitors. Other fun ideas for playroom combinations include chalk paint on the walls, large shelving systems, trundle beds, and hanging seating. 

Some other useful tips while trying to layout your multi-functional space include use of proportion, keeping your aesthetics similar, and not getting carried away with too much stuff. Keep the size of your space in mind while considering furniture and function. The ⅔ rule is a good general guide for how to organize your space. Visually, the dominant function should take up the majority of the space, while the remaining area is for the secondary function. You can also design the room to incorporate negative space, to further visually separate the areas. Keeping your aesthetic similar is also very important while designing a multi-purpose room. The room may be used for two purposes, but they are still in the same space. In order to tie them together, coordinating colors is especially helpful. Pick the main color for your room, and use complementary colors and a neutral to decorate both. Matching accents is also a really good way to pull everything together, such as wall art, drawer pulls, and fixtures. The last thing to remember is not to get too carried away with cramming as much as possible into your multi-function room. It’s really easy to overdo it in such a small space. After putting your furniture into the room take a step back and see what you think. Does your room look too crowded or is it proportionate? Don’t be afraid to change it up to get the flawless new room you’ve always wanted!

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