Running a business is often a busy and complex endeavor. Fortunately, there are many different kinds of productivity tools to simplify your life and make you more efficient. Many times in order to have a successful business, there are specific types of tasks that need to be done. Maybe you need to streamline your human resources department? Or you work from home and need to track your hours? Does your advertising need a simple and collective way to bring in new clients? How about finding an effective way to communicate and organize team projects online. The good news is that there’s an app for all that! Thanks to all the productivity apps that now exist, finding an effective way to manage your business needs is easier than ever.

Organizational Tasking

Every business needs to keep track of what they have already accomplished and what they need to get done. These tools will help you to manage your tasks and meet your deadlines.

  • JIRA: Jira offers a customized team collaboration board, visible real-time work reports, roadmaps to ensure your team’s work is connected to the stakeholder’s plans and was specially built for software developers. Up to 10 users cost$10/mo.
  • PROOFHUB: Proofhub was predominantly designed with the remote office in mind. It helps bring all your people under one roof. It includes task management, a group chat, time trackers, centralized discussion boards for specific tasks, and reminders. The essentials package begins at $45/mo and includes 40 users with unlimited projects.
  • ASANA: Asana lets you know who is doing what and when it’s due by. It helps you keep up with what is happening on your team. It includes file sharing, communication tools, and work tracking software. The basic package is $9.99/mo for a small business.
  • BLENDO: Blendo is an all in one software to help you track all aspects of your business. From HR and advertising to customer service, it gives you overall recommendations of how you can improve your business. You can add data from any other productivity tool or resources (clouds, databases, warehousing apps) to monitor and optimize your work. This company requires a custom quote for services.
  • FREEDCAMP: A popular app used by companies, such as Apple, Google, Paypal, and Air B&B, it offers a wide variety of tools to keep everyone on task and organized. It contains such features as issue trackers, file backups, invoicing, project templates, task boards, and can be integrated into many other 3rd party apps. The most basic package is free, and the next two are only $1.49 and $3.49 per user.


Looking for a better way to save all the great ideas you have? Maybe you are just looking for a more comprehensive way to collect things that inspire you online. Help get your ideas organized and digitized with these amazing inspiration apps.

  • EVERNOTE: Evernote helps you save ideas and projects all in one place. It can capture webpages, digitize your handwritten notes, file your scanned papers, sync notes across all devices and apps, attach notes to any document, it offers templates for more efficient note taking, and even a space to create teams and share ideas. Their basic plan is FREE and the premiums start at $7.99/mo.
  • POCKET: Pocket is a simple way to save-it-for-later on any device you own. It creates a tiny pocket icon at the top of your browser and when you see something you like, you simply drop it into your “pocket”. It can save articles, videos, and more to inspire you! Signing up is FREE, premium plans are $44/yr.
  • ANY.DO: is a calendar app that helps you track all your appointments and reminders in a user-friendly platform. Basic is FREE and premium is $2.99/mo.

Human Resources

A complicated and often overlooked department is human resources. People are the most important part of any business, so we’re not going to leave them out of this list.

  • GOCO: GoCo is the place to streamline all your human resources needs. It features employee records, benefits administration, payroll sync, centralized record keeping compliance, and high-level security protocols. Their small business plan is $6/mo per employee + $29 base fee.



  • ZENEFITS: Zenefits is similar to GoCo in that it also offers a complete workflow of benefits, records, and hiring. What sets them apart is their customer service initiative. They give you a personal touch to ensure customized and dedicated support for their services. To get started it’s $5/mo per employee +$40/mo base fee.
  • GROVO: Grovo is a really amazing way for your employees to share information with about how their job works. They are able to customize existing training videos. This “microlearning” is an ideal way to train new hires without having to create brand new training videos every time. It’s a quicker way to integrate your new employees. Prices start at $59/person per year.