So many elements go into creating a beautiful and inspiring home office for a busy professional. Today we will look at some of the best ways to keep ‘‘Command Central’ organized and functional. So many business owners choose to work from home because of the flexibility it offers in their otherwise busy lives. An office space needs to help keep their personal lives as well as their business affairs in order. Daily mail rolls in from all directions, important documents for each family member accumulate, and not so important ones as well. Paper clutter can become overwhelming quickly.
Managing paper clutter is one of the basic ways you can keep your office space organized. Cancel magazine subscriptions you no longer use. The Federal Trade Commission can help you stave off direct marketing materials, and avoid bringing in random papers from the outside that you don’t need such as flyers, business cards, and takeout menus. Take the time every few months to go through your office and throw away any useless papers. A really great alternative to keeping all those ‘maybe later’ paper documents organized is to scan them and save them on an external drive for later use.

“Out of clutter, find simplicity”
~ Albert Einstein

Being in a space that you enjoy and feel comfortable in is especially important since you will be spending so much of your time there. There are many different styles to decorate in, but keeping most of your pieces functional is paramount. Pinterest is full of ideas to help create your perfect work retreat. Ikea sells many affordable pieces and organizational storage ideas too.
Ample Storage helps you keep all your office supplies and papers neatly packed and hidden away. Look for a unit with bins or that has the potential to add baskets or drawers too. The more the better! Creating zones for storage could also be really helpful. Designate a place for each thing and try to maintain that placement long term. For example, having an area for your paperwork, an area for printing, your desk, and miscellaneous office supplies could all be stored in separate areas/furniture. Don’t forget about your wall space! There are so many different ways you can store things above, not just below.
Home business owners have so many tasks to juggle on a daily basis, it’s critical to have an organizational system in place that is easy to use and make items/tasks quickly retrievable. If you’re one that is always thinking things like, “I know client A wanted me to call them on Monday, client C needed a consultation Wednesday, client F wants me to look over a document in a couple of hours, I have to pick up dinner at 4, and then I have to remember to send an art project to school with the kids on Thursday”, then you should really be considering having ample storage to help with your organization system.
Organizational systems include things like color coding supplies and bins, client folders, calendars, clipboards, and post-it notes. A designated place and recognizable visuals for each client or task you have. If you are feeling particularly motivated,  you can even further separate them into sub-categories as well! Find a system that works for you and stick with it. Make sure everything is in its place before you leave the desk each day.
At the end of the day, you will thank yourself for taking the time to make sure your workspace is neat and organized. Even studies done show that people are less stressed and calmer in a clutter-free environment. Do yourself this favor so your business and creativity will thrive in 2019!

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