Mary Helen Dennis began My Confidant, Inc. following the sudden death of a loved one in 2002. Helping family members deal with the pain and overwhelming paperwork of the estate quickly presented her with a long list of frustrating challenges. Mary Helen met each challenge head-on and mastered them one by one.

Clients praise Mary Helen’s talents, sensitivity and expertise while describing her as gracious, kind, knowledgeable and professional.

Hi, I’m Mary Helen Dennis. I started My Confidant, Inc. soon after my father’s death when I realized the peace I was able to give my mother in that very emotional time of great distress. When my father died, Mom needed help with filling out the seemingly endless pile of forms, contacting those who needed to be contacted, locating the life insurance policy and filing the benefit claims. I also discovered she needed help simply learning how to take care of the household finances which my father had always handled for both of them.

As I worked away at that pile of documents and all they involved, I began to hear more and more stories from others who felt overwhelmed with all that needs to be done after a death in the family.

I also became aware of other life events, such as downsizing, retirement or divorce that come with a great deal of paperwork, too. And each requires a great deal of organization. It soon became clear to me that my 16 plus years of experience in the corporate world and my fine-tuned organizational skills were perfect for helping others going through major life events like these.

Most people don’t realize that help is even available. If the plumbing starts to leak, we know we can pick up the phone and get help from a plumber. But who do you call when you need someone to help organize paperwork? Or you are required to step into the role of Executor? Or you’re asked to exercise a Power of Attorney? That’s not so clear.

It is my hope that you will discover how My Confidant, Inc. will fill that void for you and your family. This is not just a job or a business to me. This is my passion. I take great satisfaction in being able to ease the burden of others in difficult times.

I invite you to call me at 410-375-7903 if you have any questions about My Confidant, Inc. services. A helping hand is just a phone call away. ~ Mary Helen Dennis


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