Gift a LifeBook to Mom and Dad

Everyone has at least one person on their shopping list that is impossible to shop for, and still, others that are just difficult to buy for in general. Sometimes, these people happen to be mom and dad. Shopping for them may seem hopeless, but today I will help you put together that tricky gift-giving puzzle […]

How to Prepare Your Paperwork for Evacuation Due to Fire or Hurricane

Hurricanes, flooding, fires! When local officials tell you it is time to evacuate, you should respond immediately. But what do you take with you and how can you be sure that you have everything you need? Here, we will discuss ways to make sure you have all of your important documentation safely and securely with […]

Why Every Business Owner Should Have a LifeBook

As a business grows, there must be changes and updates made in how the company information is kept and accessed. The same can be said for when a business partnership is dissolved due to resignation, illness, or even death. When records need to be accurately kept, it can be difficult to make sure those updates […]

9 Things You Should Document for Your Estate

We all know that we should have a plan in place for our estate, but it is so easy to procrastinate, thinking that we must meet up with an estate attorney and spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to get our affairs in order. It doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive, and once […]

3 Reasons Every Homeowner Should Have a LifeBook

  It is vital to be able to access your household’s important documents, especially if you are a homeowner. After all, why spend time tirelessly looking for documents that it would be so easy to organize into a LifeBook? I share with you the three most important reasons I feel every household and homeowner should […]

How a Lifebook Helps with the Paperwork Puzzle

  Sometimes it’s tough to put all the pieces of life’s puzzles together. I personally struggled with this when my dad’s health was declining so I often pondered about a solution that I could create to help others who are now in the shoes I once was in. As a result, I introduced the My […]

Give a Lifebook to Those You Love This Valentine’s Day

You’ve planned the dinner, gotten the flowers and even some chocolate candy. Now, make the holiday perfect by giving a Lifebook to your Valentine. It’s a gift that truly shows you care. What is a Lifebook? The My Confidant LifeBook is a custom-created, highly organized compilation of all your personal and private need-to-know information. From […]