Professional Organizers work with people who want to get control of their time, their space and their lives. Since no two people have the same organizing needs or style, organizational systems will be custom-designed uniquely for you.

According to the Wall Street Journal – The average U.S. executive wastes six weeks per year searching for missing information in messy desks and files. That translates into one hour per day. It can also result in unnecessary expenditures such as late fees or double payments.

You have agreed to be the Executor of an Estate because of your love and respect for a loved one. Then the time comes to actively step into that role along with grieving; your plate is full with work, family, etc., plus the Estate Attorney has given you “homework”. This is where My Confidant, Inc. can help. We do the homework for you, leaving you time for your natural grieving process.

Over the last 13 years we have worked with several busy executives; Doctors & Attorneys in particular. After organizing the home office and setting up a clear filing system, we then visit on a regular basis to open the mail, pay the bills and keep up with the filing.

Our world today is very complicated. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine you have become incapacitated and someone needs to step in to take care of you and your household. What are all the things they would need to know? Would they readily have access to all your bills, contact information, passwords, important documents and financial information?

In most cases there is not anything for you to do before we start organizing files, etc.; specifically that will be determined during our initial consultation.

Since we give individual attention and everyone’s needs are different, it is very difficult to price by the project, therefore we charge by the hour. Feel free to call to inquire about our hourly rate.

No. We do have a contract, but it’s intention is to clarify the services we provide, the hourly rate and to confirm that everything we do is 100% confidential.

That depends primarily on the client’s needs. Some people retain our services on a weekly or monthly basis, others require our help just until a specific project is complete.


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