Estate Documentation

Organize and document your finances and important household information for your personal reference and for your heirs. Take care of your end of life documents today and ensure your estate is handled just the way you envision it.My Confidant will help you answer these questions and more before there is an emergency:

What banking and investment accounts are there?
What insurance policies are there and where are they located?
What is the name and contact information for your estate attorney, doctors, etc.?
Where are birth and marriage certificates?
Are you entitled to veteran benefits and where are the papers?

  • Locating all Insurance Policies
  • Finding Your Will
  • Directing You in Establishing a Medical Directive
  • Supervising You in Acquiring a Power of Attorney

My Confidant Lifebook

All your relevant estate information and documentation will be compiled into a 3-ring binder as well as recorded on a flash drive. Your LifeBook may include the following sections:

  • Family Information
  • Financial and Investment Information
  • Insurance Policies
  • Property

Everything is documented for your personal reference and makes a thoughtful gift to pass on to your heirs when they need it. Read more at the LifeBook page here.

Personal Bookkeeping

Do you have unopened mail, misplaced bills, missing tax documents, or other documentation? You need My Confidant!

We help you get organized and stay on top of your household and business documentation. Eliminate the scavenger hunt for the insurance form that needed to be submitted last month or that invoice that was due yesterday.

Daily Money Management

  • Quicken or QuickBooks Set-Up
  • Checkbook Balancing
  • Bill Paying
  • Filing System Set-Up
  • Banking Assistance
  • Insurance Claim Filing
  • Annual Tax Records Organizing
  • Set Up a Budget

Record Keeping Services for Seniors and Busy Professionals

  • Visit on a weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly basis to review mail and pay bills
  • Review credit card statements, phone bills, etc., for unwarranted charges
  • Make phone calls to resolve issues
  • File, track, and resolve insurance claims

Assisting Estate Administrators

The role of Executor of an estate can be overwhelming. Being responsible for cleaning out an estate and assuming the responsibility of gathering the documents needed by the estate attorney, paying the bills, and filing insurance claims for a loved one while grieving their loss is often an emotional challenge.

  • Identifying Lost or Forgotten Assets
  • Gathering Documents Requested by Estate Attorney
  • Assisting with Paying Bills of the Estate and Keeping Track of Finances
  • Overseeing the Sale and Disposal of Assets and Property
  • Managing the Preparation of a Home for Sale
  • Processing all Forms and Paperwork

Serving as Executor of a loved one’s estate can be a complicated and emotional role. Finding assets, insurance policies, and investments is often difficult and time consuming. Distributing those assets among beneficiaries, selling property, and tying up the loose ends can also present their own set of demanding challenges.

If you currently find yourself in this role, My Confidant is here to help. From preparing a home for sale to finding lost assets, no situation is beyond our help.

Now is also a good time to consider how well your own estate is documented. Make sure things go as you have planned. Get help organizing and preparing your own paperwork now.

While we can’t bring back a loved one, My Confidant can relieve the stress of sorting through the estate. We ensure nothing is overlooked, allowing you time to go through the natural grieving process.

Wherever you are in the process of administrating an estate, we can help. That’s what My Confidant does.


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